Warriors Resin Figures by Phil Novak

Warriors 1/35 scale resin figures are incredible pieces that can be used to dress up any tank or armored vehicle. These beautifully cast figures have amazing facial features, and uniforms that include the minutest details. The Warriors line includes figures that will fit in and around almost any German or American World War II tank. Their extensive line of infantry soldiers is also a great addition to any diorama.

The figures come with the standard "carriers" attached to them, but don't let this scare you- it is easy to remove. To remove simply take a standard No.11 X-Acto blade, turn it so that the sharp side is pointing upward, and scribe the seam between the figure and the carrier with the point of the knife. This will make a thin precision cut and leave almost no seam when removed and lightly sanded.

Painting them is a joy, as life comes to their faces and adds a high level of personality to your work. This is one of the many reasons that make Warriors a great pick for crew figures, because they add a level of personality that simply does not exist with plastic figures. They are just as much works of art as the models they are sitting on.

Photo appears courtesy of Legacy, who retains rights to its use