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December, 2013

Walthers to Distribute New Arnold N Scale GE U25C Locomotive

Walthers will offer Hornby America's new Arnold N Scale GE U25C diesel electric locomotive. This newly tooled model is patterned after General Electric's 1960s heavy road locomotive and has never before been offered in N Scale. Licensed by and developed with full co-operation of the Transportation Division of General Electric, the new model features road-specific details, a heavy die cast chassis, five-pole can motor with flywheels, state-of-the-art power pickup, applied separate details and an NMRA 6-pin decoder socket for easy conversion to DCC.

GE U25C Phase IIIb, Standard DC, $159.99 Each:
125-HN2201 NP #2520 (black, gold)
125-HN2214 NP #2525 (black, gold)
125-HN2215 CB&Q #553 (Chinese Red, gray, white)
125-HN2216 CB&Q #561 (Chinese Red, gray, white)
125-HN2217 BN #5627 (Cascade Green, black, white)
125-HN2218 BN #5635 (Cascade Green, black, white)
125-HN2219 CR #6510 (blue, white)
125-HN2220 CR #6519 (blue, white)
125-HN2221 L&N #1500 (gray, yellow)
125-HN2222 L&N #1511 (gray, yellow)

November, 2013

WalthersProto HO 1960s-1970s EMD Power

Modelers of the super sixties and seventies will love the WalthersProto locomotives now shipping to stores. EMD SD45 and GP30 diesels were mainstays on the North American railroad scene from the early 1960s into the 1990s. Equipped with Tsunami(R) sound and DCC and loaded with railroad- and era-specific details, these locos will be extremely popular. Best of all, prototypes often mixed it up thanks to power pooling arrangements, and these models come equipped with 14:1 helical gearing so they'll run great with other WalthersProto and recent PROTO 2000 models.

WalthersProto EMD SD45 w/Sound & DCC, $299.98 Each:
920-41059 DRGW #5328
920-41060 DRGW #5338
920-41061 EL #3622
920-41062 EL #3627
920-41063 Montana Rail Link #372
920-41064 Montana Rail Link #375
920-41065 Seaboard System #8917
920-41066 Seaboard System #8918
920-41058 Undecorated

WalthersProto EMD GP30 w/Sound & DCC, $299.98 Each:
920-41851 ATSF #2700 (Warbonnet, blue, yellow)
920-41852 ATSF #2710 (Warbonnet, blue, yellow)
920-41853 Chessie System/C&O #3007
920-41854 Chessie System/C&O #3010
920-41855 MILW #1003 w/AAR Type B Trucks
920-41856 MILW #1007 w/AAR Type B Trucks
920-41857 RDG #5505
920-41858 RDG #5505

New Cornerstone HO Single-Track Pony Truss

Detailed bridge kits are great sellers to modelers building or planning layouts. The new Cornerstone Single-Track Pony Truss Bridge is no exception. Based on a Santa Fe prototype that's identical or similar to bridges used across the continent, this highly detailed model is ideal for 1900s to present layouts. The kit features precise laser-cut architectural-grade board parts for easy assembly. Details on this 15" long bridge include raised rivets, scale gussets and cross braces. This kit even includes
high-strength glue designed for laser-cut parts for the best results. In case customers have their doubts about a laser-cut bridge, strength is no problem - it'll hold two sound-equipped locos with ease.
933-4030 Single-Track Pony Truss Bridge $59.98

New Cornerstone Kit Brings a Modern Industry to HO Layouts

Sand is a staple for many industries. It's the main component in concrete. It's used elsewhere in construction projects. Oil drilling firms use it in hydraulic fracturing (fracking). And, thanks to its many uses, it's big business for railroads. Glacier
Industrial Sands is based on a sand loading facility that transfers materials from stockpiles to covered hoppers. The kit includes, loading silos, bins, two conveyors, a truck fuel tank, main office and guard shack - everything necessary for a loading
scene. Multiple kits are easily combined for a larger scene - many quarries have multiple loaders and silos.

933-4035 Glacier Industrial Sands $44.98

October, 2013

WalthersProto Great Northern Empire Builder

The improved Empire Builder cars come with all details factory installed, prototypical window tinting and passenger- carrying cars are available with or without interior lighting.

Lighted Empire Builder Cars, $79.98 Each:
920-9051 85' ACF Baggage-Dorm (Omaha Orange, green)
920-9052 85' ACF 60-Seat Coach (Omaha Orange, green)
920-9071 85' ACF Baggage-Dorm (Big Sky Blue)
920-9072 85' ACF 60-Seat Coach (Big Sky Blue)

Standard Empire Builder Cars, $69.98 Each:
920-9040 85' ACF Baggage-Mail (Omaha Orange, green)
920-9041 85' ACF Baggage-Dorm (Omaha Orange, green)
920-9042 85' ACF 60-Seat Coach (Omaha Orange, green)
920-9060 85' ACF Baggage-Mail (Big Sky Blue)
920-9061 85' ACF Baggage-Dorm (Big Sky Blue)
920-9062 85' ACF 60-Seat Coach (Big Sky Blue)

WalthersProto HO Scale Super Chief Sleepers

Two sleepers are now available for ordering - the 85' Budd Pine Series 10-6 and the 85'
P-S Regal Series 4-4-2. Both feature accurate window tinting, factory-installed details and all the other WalthersProto standard features.Available with or without LED interior lighting, cars are available with a metal plated finish to match recent Super Chief, El Capitan and San Francisco Chief releases.

Additionally, the Regal Series 4-4-2 is being offered for a limited time with a painted finish to match older cars. As with other WalthersProto passenger car releases, the painted Regal Series 4-4-2 come with factory-installed grab irons and available factory-installed interior lighting.

Lighted Super Chief Sleepers w/Real Metal Finish, $84.98 Each:
920-9012 85' Budd Pine Series 10-6 Sleeper
920-9015 85' P-S Regal Series 4-4-2 Sleeper

Standard Super Chief Sleepers w/Real Metal Finish, $74.98 Each:
920-9002 85' Budd Pine Series 10-6 Sleeper
920-9005 85' P-S Regal Series 4-4-2 Sleeper

85' P-S Regal Series 4-4-2 Sleeper w/Painted Finish:
920-16250 Lighted $79.98
920-15250 Standard $69.98

WalthersMainline HO 24' Ore Cars

Iron ore trains are ideal modeling subjects because they feature unique equipment running in solid consists. There's no better way to run these train than with 24' Minnesota Ore Cars. These short ore Jennies, built short to match the spacing of unloading chutes on ore docks, feature six unique roadnumbers per pack, correct 5'
wheelbase trucks, realistic color schemes and die cast underframes for reliable operation. They first hit the rails in 1936 and worked into the 1990s, so they'll appeal to steam and diesel-era modelers.

24' Minnesota Ore Car 6-Pack, $99.98 Each:
910-58001 Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range #28505, 28578, 28641, 28736, 28882,
28910 (Early Scheme, Boxcar Red, white Logo)
910-58002 Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range #29007, 29094, 29129, 29250, 29353,
29498 (Early Scheme, Boxcar Red, white Logo)
910-58003 Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range # 29526, 29735, 29798, 29940, 29969,
30010 (Modern Scheme, Boxcar Red)
910-58004 Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range # 30094, 30244, 30368, 30452, 30807,
30993 (Modern Scheme, Boxcar Red)
910-58005 Great Northern #93514, 93546, 93579, 93638, 93681, 93722 (Boxcar Red)
910-58006 Great Northern #93775, 93853, 93930, 93987, 94049, 94192 (Boxcar Red)
910-58007 Milwaukee Road #75171, 75193, 75218, 75246, 75289,
75350 (Boxcar Red)
910-58008 Milwaukee Road #75381, 75405, 75442, 75557, 75583,
75634 (Boxcar Red)
910-58009 Northern Pacific #78306, 78333, 78378, 78385, 78392,
78411 (black)
910-58010 Northern Pacific #78419, 78448, 78450, 78474, 78487,
78499 (black)
910-58011 Union Pacific(R) #27006, 27014, 27019, 27027, 27035,
27052 (silver)
910-58012 Union Pacific(R) #27089, 27123, 27144, 27178, 27191,
27217 (silver)

New Cornerstone Kits Bring Character to HO Scale Layouts

Small structures go a long way toward adding realism to any model railroad, and they're also ideal for small layouts.

The Hole-In-One Donut Shop is a small business that is ideal for any post-1950s layout. Its towering rooftop donut is typical of wildly conspicuous buildings and signs from the 1950s. It's a dash of variety among typical brick and mortar structures.

Fuel dealers are vital in any community, and National Fuel Supply Co. is no exception. This versatile kit is based on a dealer that offers coal, coke and petroleum products. It includes a brick office building with attached scale awning, a block shop building typical of where dealers kept their delivery trucks, a coal dump trestle with a ramp approach, truck filling shed and a pair of oil tanks.

933-3768 Hole-In-One Donut Shop $24.98
933-4045 National Fuel Supply Co. $59.98

September, 2013

Delivery Updates for WalthersProto

We're working hard here at Walthers to bring you and your customers the best WalthersProto products, however our suppliers continue to experience production and delivery delays.

All Budd Metroliners are now expected December 2013.
All Amfleet Coaches and Food Service Cars now expected January 2014.
GE U28B/U30B Locomotives in GN, NYC and MILW expected November 2013.
EMD F7 Locomotives in RI and CNW commuter schemes now expected December 2013
EMD GP30 Locomotives in ATSF, UP, MILW and RDG now expected December 2013.
EMD SD45 Locomotives in DRGW, EL, MRL and SBD expected December 2013.
F-M H10-44 Locomotives: ATSF, MILW and PRR models are now expected May 2014, however all K&IT engines have been cancelled.
EMD F3 Locomotives: ATSF 16 Class (announced with the latest Super Chief) and MILW engines are now expected in June 2014.

Important News on WalthersMainline SW1s

Modelers are buzzing about the new and improved version of this immensely popular diesel switcher, with some roadnames already sold out here in Milwaukee!

As part of Walthers ongoing commitment to bring you the best quality products and service possible, we would like to inform you that some customers have experienced
problems with the drive shafts becoming dislodged. The problem may occur during operation or during shipment.

After checking additional samples here in Milwaukee, we've identified the problem and an improved drive shaft is en route to us.

If you are experiencing problems with these locomotives, #910-9201 to 9208, Walthers will be happy to install the updated part. Please contact us at 1-866-833-1468 for instructions and a return authorization number to expedite your repair.

Remaining inventory here at Walthers is being upgraded and restocked as soon as possible. Our goal is to have all upgrades completed by late September.

August, 2013

Walthers 2014 Reference Books Are Coming Soon - Order Yours Now!

The 2014 HO and N&Z Scale Walthers Reference Books are loaded with thousands of new product listings from hundreds of manufacturers. It's the best research tool available.. Packed with plenty of product photos and information, it's a modeler's must-have reference at the workbench or on the layout. Information Stations offer modelers fun tips and trivia, and the Magic of Model Railroading photo gallery is great inspiration

913-214 2014 HO Reference Book $15.98
913-254 2014 N&Z Reference Book $15.98

WalthersMainline EMD SW1 - They're Back and Better than Ever!
- NOTE: Important Instruction Revision About DCC Conversion

Modelers have long been asking for the reintroduction of the Walthers EMD SW1. We listened, and it's back with plenty of improvements! As a WalthersMainline locomotive, the new models come with all details installed and feature a new flywheel-equipped drive with 14:1 helical gears for compatibility with WalthersProto diesels. Other features include an 8-pin DCC socket for easy decoder installation, directional lighting and Proto
MAX(TM) knuckle couplers.

On this note, while the locomotive has been greatly improved, the supplied instruction sheet has some errors. First, the instructions incorrectly state to remove the PC board for DCC conversion - DO NOT do this - the upgraded board has a standard 8-pin DCC socket; all that must be done is to remove the dummy/jumper plug before installing a decoder. Helpful tip: use a decoder with the wires coming out of the side, not the top, of
the plug. Second, there is no need to remove the couplers to remove the body. Both hood and cab are secured to the frame with clips, not screws. Revised instruction sheets will be posted the following link, and on-hand inventory is being reworked to
include the updated instruction sheets.

EMD introduced the SW1 in 1939, produced them through 1953, and a few are still in service today. These long-lived units will have broad customer appeal that bridges from the steam era up to the present. WalthersMainline SW1s are selling fast - some roadnames are already sold out or in short supply - so order now!

WalthersMainline EMD SW1, $99.98 ea
910-9201 B&M #1115 (black, red, white)
910-9202 B&M #1117 (black, red, white)
910-9203 MILW #1610 (orange, gray, maroon)
910-9205 SOU #2008 (green, white)
910-9206 SOU #2011 (green, white)
910-9207 SP(TM) #1004 (Tiger Stripe, black, orange)
910-9208 SP #1009 (Tiger Stripe, black, orange)

July, 2013

More Deluxe Edition San Francisco Chief Sets to Be Produced

Due to much higher than expected demand for the Deluxe Edition, 12-car San Francisco Chief train, Walthers is pleased to announce that we have increased production to 500 total sets.

At press time, a few sets are still available for preorder, but are expected to go very quickly. If you miss your chance to order, please be sure to have your name added to the waiting list. Any sets that become available due to late cancellations will be offered on a first-come, first served basis to stores on the list.

2014 Walthers Reference Books

The 2014 HO and N&Z Scale Walthers Reference Book is loaded with thousands of new products and is the best research tool available for modelers. Plenty of product photos and information make it a great reference at the workbench or on the layout. Information Stations offer modelers fun tips and trivia, and the Magic of Model Railroading photo gallery is great inspiration for your customers. Reference Book part numbers and prices are listed here

Walthers 2014 Scale Reference Books, $15.98 Each:
913-214 HO Scale
913-254 N&Z Scale

May, 2013

WalthersMainline(TM) HO Coal Gondolas

Post-1980s modelers love adding unit trains to their model railroads. WalthersMainline 50' coal gondolas are perfect for long, multi-car consists. With seven roadnumbers available, modelers can easily run these cars alongside other modern rotary-dump coal gondolas. Older cars are also used individually in scrap service, so they'll also appeal to modelers who don't run unit trains. Available individually and in six-packs, these ready-to-run cars feature metal wheelsets, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers on all cars and 13 roadnumbers per roadname.

50' Coal Gondola Single Cars, $24.98 Each:
910-6001 Burlington Northern #575531 (black, white, Large Logo)
910-6002 Joseph Transportation JTIX #100310 (black, yellow, DJJX Logo)
910-6003 Depew, Lancaster & Western #7026 (black, MA&N Lettering)
910-6004 Trinity Industries Leasing CEPX #1110 (black)

50' Coal Gondola 6-Packs, $129.98 Each:
910-56001 Burlington Northern # 575399, 575416, 575436, 575468, 575490, 575499
910-56002 Burlington Northern # 575503, 575538, 575546, 575643, 575694, 575747
910-56003 Joseph Transportation JTIX # 100259, 100266, 100273, 100331, 100342, 100357
910-56004 Joseph Transportation JTIX # 100332, 100343, 100355, 100360, 100363, 100367
910-56005 Depew, Lancaster & Western # 7000, 7004, 7009, 7011, 7015, 7022
910-56006 Depew, Lancaster & Western # 7005, 7008, 7012, 7014, 7017, 7020
910-56007 Trinity Industries Leasing CEPX # 1005, 1008, 1111, 1421, 1475, 1730
910-56008 Trinity Industries Leasing CEPX # 1444, 1729, 1736, 1810, 1817, 1826

March, 2013

WalthersMainline(TM) 40' Stock Cars
Used for decades to haul livestock, these HO Scale models are fully assembled and feature correct 33" turned-metal wheelsets, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and more. These would be perfect to use with the Walthers Cornerstone Stock Yard (#933-
3047) and the Champion Packing Plant (#933-3048), both sold separately. In addition, this is a limited edition, one time run of these roadnumbers,

40' Stock Cars with Dreadnaught Ends $21.98 Each
910-4501 CB&Q #53601-D
910-4502 CNW(TM) #14303
910-4503 Swift Lifestock Express #3593
910-4504 CN #175002

6-Pack 40' Stock Cars with Dreadnaught Ends $119.98 Each
910-54501 CB&Q
910-54502 CNW(TM)
910-54503 Swift Livestock Express
910-54504 CN

WalthersMainline: 50-Ton Drop Bottom Gondolas

Each HO Scale model features a ratcheted and brake and riveted interior molded detail, correct 33" turned-metal wheelsets and Proto MAX metal knuckle couplers. Each model is also weighted for optimum operation.

40' 50-Ton Drop Bottom Gondolas $19.98 Each
910-5651 ATSF #175714
910-5652 ATSF #175679
910-5653 CNW #24529
910-5654 CNW #24642
910-5655 GN #74241
910-5656 GN #74318
910-5657 MILW #84943
910-5658 MILW #85276
910-5659 NYC #349695
910-5660 NYC #349748
910-5661 RI #82058
910-5662 RI #82131

86' P-S Double-Door Hi-Cube Boxcars from WalthersProto(TM)

Designed to move lightweight sheet metal parts economically, these big cars are a fixture of modern auto production. Introduced in the mid-1960s by Pullman-Standard, the cars feature large double- doors for easy access by forklifts. Parts are carried in special baskets to simplify loading or unloading. Assigned to pool service, they can be spotted moving in priority parts trains on many railroads. Based on the common four-door design originally built for Ford and Chrysler plants, the models feature the correct ribbed ends and the unique side sills with visible interior posts as found on the prototypes.

Each HO Scale model features factory-installed grab irons, etched- metal
platforms, separately applied door hardware and ladders and much more.

86' Pullman-Standard Double-Door Hi-Cube Boxcars $34.98 Each
920-102101 CNW(TM) #92065
920-102102 CNW(TM) #92069
920-102103 GTW #126328
920-102104 GTW #126353
920-102105 NS #656787
920-102106 NS #656792
920-102107 Cotton Belt(TM) SSW #65066
920-102108 Cotton Belt(TM) SSW #65069

HO Scale WalthersProto 53' AAR Flatcars

Features of these models include a weathered and detailed deck, full brake
rigging and underbody details, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and
53' AAR Flatcars $29.98 Each
920-104105 KCS #1018
920-104106 N&W #32798
920-104107 SOO #5279
920-104108 WM #2633

February, 2013

Walthers Cornerstone Waterfront Series

This series includes everything needed to model rail-marine operations in HO Scale. It's a great add-on or complete layout theme, fits most popular modeling eras, and new cars and
accessories like a Tramp Steamer Kit from Sylvan Models (696-10821) will be available soon!

WalthersProto Lighted UP City 85' Observation Dome Lounges Ready
to Ship

Each of these HO Scale models features train-specific tail signs as seen in UP City train service, factory-installed grab irons, prototypically accurate window tinting, factory-installed DC/DCC LED interior lighting and more.

Lighted UP City 85' ACF Observation Dome Lounges $89.98 Each
920-9234 Challenger Tail Sign
920-9235 City of St. Louis Tail Sign
920-9237 City of Portland Tail Sign

85' Budd Drawing Room 29-Seat Lounge Car from WalthersProto

Perfect for building realistic Budd passenger consists, each of these HO Scale models features a real metal finish that simulates stainless steel, factory-installed grab irons, prototypically accurate window tinting and much more. Standard versions are available now and those with factory-installed DC/DCC LED lighting will be available soon.

85' Budd Drawing Room 29-Seat Lounge Cars - Standard $74.98 Each
920-13001 Amtrak(R) Phase IV
920-13002 ATSF
920-13003 PRR
920-13004 CB&Q
920-13005 NYC
920-13006 CP
920-13007 RI
920-13008 SP
920-13009 Amtrak(R) Phase III

Coming Soon: 85' Budd Drawing Room 29-Seat Lounge Cars - Lighted
$84.98 Each

920-14001 Amtrak(R) Phase IV
920-14002 ATSF
920-14003 PRR
920-14004 CB&Q
920-14005 NYC
920-14006 CP
920-14007 RI
920-14008 SP
920-14009 Amtrak(R) Phase III

New & Better Details: HO Scale WalthersProto GE U28B/U30B Locos

Now available in new schemes with road-specific detailing these HO Scale locos would be perfect on any diesel-era layout. Features include 14:1 helical gears for smooth, quiet performance, five-pole skew-wound motor, LED constant and directional headlights,
metal grab irons and lift rings, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and more. Each roadname is available with or without factory-installed Tsunami sound and DCC.

GE U28B/30B Locos w/Tsunami Sound & DCC $299.98 Each
920-41650 CB&Q #142
920-41651 CB&Q #145
920-41652 CR #2856
920-41653 CR #2878
920-41654 L&N #2500
920-41655 L&N #41655
920-41656 WP(TM) #3051
920-41657 WP(TM) #3052

GE U28B/30B Locos - Standard DC $199.98 Each
920-48650 CB&Q #140
920-48651 CB&Q #143
920-48652 CR #2877
920-48653 CR #2882
920-48654 L&N #2500
920-48655 L&N #2502
920-48656 WP(TM) #3053
920-48657 WP(TM) #3055

Walthers Cornerstone Railcar Restoration & Charter Series

This complete series makes it easy to model a typical operation and a great way to add historic passenger equipment to any modern railroad! The series includes the Rail Car Restoration and Charter shop building kit and three HO Scale WalthersProto cars made
especially for the series: the Budd 1 Drawing Room 29-Seat Lounge Shop Car, Railcar Charter Service 85' Pullman-Standard Club Lounge, and Charter Service 85' 6-4-1 Observation Lounge.

933-4024 Railcar Restoration & Charter Shop Building Kit $49.98

Standard Cars $69.98 Each
920-11900 85' Budd 1 Drawing Room 29-Seat Car Lounge (Budd Car Undergoing Restoration)
920-11901 Charter Service 85' Pullman-Standard Club Lounge
920-11902 Charter Service 85' 6-4-1 Observation Lounge

Lighted Cars $79.98 Each
920-12901 Charter Service 85' Pullman-Standard Club Lounge
920-12902 Charter Service 85' 6-4-1 Observation Lounge $79.98

Walthers Cornerstone International Truck Dealership

This new HO Scale structure from Walthers Cornerstone has brick and concrete block construction and would fit well in any modern layout. Additional features include showroom and service areas, exterior lights and roof vents, authentic dealership printed signage and freestanding International(R) tower sign.

933-4025 International Truck Dealership $49.98

WalthersProto 85' Budd Hi-Level Cars with Amtrak Paint Schemes

These former ATSF Hi-Level Coaches in Amtrak Phase 1 & 2 include an 86-seat step-down coach, a 72-seach coach, a sky lounge and a diner are loaded with great features like a real metal finish that simulates stainless steel. Other features include factory-installed grab irons, prototypically accurate window tinting, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and more. Additionally, they're available in standard or lighted versions.

85' Budd Hi-Level 68-Seat Step-Down Coach
Standard $79.98 Each
920-13301 Phase I
920-13302 Phase II

Lighted $89.98 Each
920-14301 Phase I
920-14302 Phase II

85' Budd Hi-Level 68-Seat Step-Down Coach Rear Car
Standard $79.98 Each
920-13303 Phase I
920-13304 Phase II

85' Budd Hi-Level 68-Seat Step-Down Coach Rear Car
Lighted $79.98 Each
920-14303 Phase I
920-14304 Phase II

85' Budd Hi-Level 72-Seat Coaches
Standard $79.98 Each
920-13311 Phase I
920-13312 Phase II

Lighted $89.98 Each
920-14311 Phase I
920-14312 Phase II

85' Budd Hi-Level Sky Lounges
Standard $79.98 Each
920-13321 Phase I
920-13322 Phase II

Lighted $89.98 Each
920-14321 Phase I
920-14322 Phase II

85' Budd Hi-Level Diners
Standard $79.98 Each
920-13331 Phase I
920-13332 Phase II

Lighted $89.98 Each
920-14331 Phase I
920-14332 Phase II

Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Parking Garage Kit Available Now

Molded in three colors and clear plastic, this structure is perfect for steam or diesel era layouts. It can be easily modified to create a thin-profile background building too! Features include five story brick and block construction, entry and exit doors, colorful printed signs and Art Deco details.

933-3769 Parking Garage $54.98

January, 2013

Walthers Cornerstone HO City Apartment Building Shipping Now

Molded in three colors and clear plastic this thin profile background building can be easily modified to be even thinner and would fit perfectly
in a steam or diesel era layout. Features include 9-story brick and stone construction, colorful decals that simulate chiseled Art Nouveau detailing
and multi-color printed exterior and interior details.

933-3770 City Apartment Building $46.98

New HO Figure Sets Now In Stock from Walthers SceneMaster

SceneMaster figures are carefully sculpted then molded in plastic before being hand painted. Each figure set also features realistic poses and
accurate details.

SceneMaster Figure Sets $11.98 Each
949-6000 Active People pkg(5)
949-6001 City People pkg(7)
949-6002 People Standing pkg(6)
949-6004 Farm People pkg(6)
949-6005 People Walking pkg(8)
949-6006 Townspeople pkg(8)
949-6008 Fire Fighters pkg(6)
949-6011 Modern Rail Workers pkg(6)
949-6012 Vintage Rail Workers pkg(6)

WalthersProto 40' Trinity Molten Sulfur Tank Cars

Each of these HO Scale tank cars features factory-installed grab irons, see-through etched-metal walkways & end platforms, underbody details, correct 36" turned metal wheelsets and Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers. They're also the first run of Molten Sulfur Tank Cars with all-new tooling!

40' Trinity 14,000-Gallon Molten Sulfur Tank Cars $37.98 Each
920-100001 General American CGTX #13919
920-100002 General American CGTX #13920
920-100003 General American GATX #7938
920-100004 General American GATX #7966
920-100005 Sulcom Inc. ITDX #6806
920-100006 Sulcom Inc. ITDX #6928
920-100007 First Union Rail TGOX #1822
920-100008 First Union Rail TGOX #1844
920-100009 Trinity Industries Leasing TILX #135021
920-100010 Trinity Industries Leasing TILX #135034
920-100011 Trinity Industries Leasing TILX #135659
920-100012 Trinity Industries Leasing TILX #135721
920-100000 Undecorated

HO Scale WalthersTrainline F40PH Locos

Walthers HO Scale model of the F40PH is a detailed replica of the prototype, once Amtrak's standard passenger locomotive and now in service with VIA Rail Canada, many regional commuter operations, excursion lines and even a few freight railroads.

Each ready to run HO locomotive includes a powerful can motor, dual brass flywheels, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, plus a heavy die cast metal frame. For 'round the clock operation, each engine is equipped with working directional headlights. Prepainted in several authentic schemes, these engines look great with Walthers Amfleet, Amfleet II, Horizon Fleet, Superliner II Budd and Pullman-Standard passenger cars, as well as Bi-Level Commuter Cars, all sold separately.

F40PH Locomotives - Standard DC $59.98 Each
931-341 Amtrak - Phase II
931-342 Amtrak - Phase III
931-343 Amtrak - Phase V
931-344 Coaster

December, 2012

WalthersMainline HO Scale 76' Cryogenic Reefer

These reefers were widely used throughout the U.S. as cryogenically cooled transport for frozen food products. They're perfect for modern-era modeling from 1992 to today and feature correct 36" wheelsets and Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers. The GATX and Lamb Weston SKUs feature new schemes while the Simplot car is a new number on the hottest seller from our last run.

76' Cryogenic Reefers $24.98 Each
910-3701 GATX Arcticar GARX #68075
910-3702 Lamb Weston CAGX #9634
910-3703 Lamb Weston/Inland Valley FURX #690022
910-3704 Simplot JRSX #6144

Also from WalthersMainline: HO Scale 50' 2-Bay Airslide Hoppers

The 50' 2-Bay Airslide(R) Covered Hopper prototypes have been in service since the 1960s and are commonly used to haul sugar, flour and light powdered materials. Each HO Scale model features Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and correct 33" turned-metal
wheelsets. This is a limited edition, one time run of these roadnumbers, so act today!

50' 2-Bay Airslide Covered Hoppers $24.98 Each
910-7201 Archer-Daniels-Midland ADMX #53057
910-7202 ATSF #310546
910-7203 IC #782703
810-7204 RI #89000

October, 2012

EMD GP60s were built from 1985 to 1994, with most still in service. Their primary assignment was fast intermodal and light, priority freight. They were later used in general freight service as well as local and yard work.

Each HO Scale locomotive features road-specific detailing, 14:1 helical gears for a smooth, quiet performance, nonworking ditch lights with clear lenses, five-pole skew-wound motor, LED constant & directional headlights, metal grab irons & lift rings, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and more! Each unit is available in Standard DC or with factory-installed Tsunami(R) Sound & DCC.

EMD GP60s w/Tsunami(R) Sound & DCC $299.98 Each
920-41800 BNSF #8734
920-41801 BNSF #8735
920-41802 DRGW(TM) #3155
920-41803 DRGW(TM) #3156
920-41804 NS #7131
920-41805 NS #7138
920-41806 UP(R) #1955
920-41807 UP(R) #1964

EMD GP60s w/Standard DC $199.98 Each
920-48800 BNSF #8721
920-48801 BNSF #8738
920-48802 DRGW(TM) #3154
920-48803 DRGW(TM) #3155
920-48804 NS #7131
920-48805 NS #7138
920-48806 UP(R) #1946
920-48807 UP(R) #2000
920-48808 Undecorated