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Our motto: You can never have too many unbuilt kits in your closet.

"There are only two precious memories I have of New Orleans: the house I grew up in and Hub Hobby." - - - Jim Letten

"Wherever I wind up, I'll always judge any hobby shop to the one I grew up with." - - - Paolo Profumo

"You've been a part of my life for over half of my life. I'll follow you wherever you go." - - - Bill Schadwell

"Even though I'm now in Los Angeles, after eight years in New Orleans, I've learned that there is only one hobby shop: Hub - - the rest are just places with some stuff in them." - - Alan Greenstadt

"I love this place. It's like a big candy store!" - - guy in big red truck

Hub Hobby New Orleans is now in Metairie

"Ariel's Morning" composed and recorded by New Orleans musician Rick Marcell

Here's where you can find the "Ariel's Morning" ( http://youtu.be/OXy9yXaH3gs ) video

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New For the Week Ending September 27, 2014

Hobby Hints builds the Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire: "The markings and camouflage for this Spitfire is for a Polish Squadron." - - Jack Hollander

Press Release has info from Echelon Decals - - Accurail - - Lion Roar - - ICM - - MPC - - Mig Productions - - and more

Our You Tube video selection of the week is Airbrush Fading Technique - In this video, several different types of airbrush fading that he uses on his airbrushing to achieve the effects on the models.

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Our Archive Flashback selection of the week is African Tiger by Paul Pressler - "I have been focusing on constructing models of vehicles that fought in Tunisia in 1943. This was Germany's last stand in North Africa and was also a time period when German armor was upgrading, such as the introduction of the Tiger tank and the long barrel 75mm cannons on the panzer IVs."

"Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values." - - Dalai Lama

New For the Week Ending September 20, 2014

Hobby Hints Returns to Bizarro Land in "Do You See Anything Yet?" "This 1/35 scale diorama consist of Industria Mechanika's Pawn Brigade and Tamiya's Velociraptors" - - Gil Gonsoulin

Press Releases has info from Squadron Publications - - Woodland Scenics - - Moebius - - - Osprey Publications - - ACE - - AMT/MPC - - A Model of Russia - - Polar Lights - - Presier - - Fujimi - - Dragon - - and more

This week's You Tube Video is Cleaning an Airbrush - How to thoroughly clean a Double action Airbrush after use with Enamel paints, (Acrylic and lacquer, (cellulose), paint procedure cleaning is exactly the same but using the relevant thinners, IPA, Cellulose etc

This week's Archive Flashback is Catch a Fallen Flag by Patrick Harris (a photo-essay on rail photography.) "The primary philosophy behind what I choose to shoot comes down to two prongs of the fork: I shoot what interests me, and I shoot what is rare or unusual. I would suggest to any rail photographer that the first trick to successfully recording rail history, is to shoot as much as you can reasonably afford, and shoot as often as possible."

"The mind is everything. What you think, you become." - - Buddha

New For the Week Ending September 13, 2014

Hobby Hints takes on a Gundam Gunner: :"To simulate peeled metal, I dabbed Chrome Silver on with a sponge brush." - - Ricardo Azardia

Press Releases has info from Trumpeter scale models - - Schiffer publications - - Dragon - - ICM - - MRC built-ups - - Eduard - - and more

Our You Tube video selection of the week is Airbrushing a Model Plane -

Our Archive Flashback selection of the week is The Grand Illusion: """The toughest part of planning a diorama is to decide what to put in it. It helps to think of a dioramic scene as you would a photograph: both depict a snapshot in time. The starting point is to decide what story you want to tell. But the question always remains the same: What did you want to take a picture of?" - - Jeff Junker

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't." - - Erica Jong

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