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Our motto: You can never have too many unbuilt kits in your closet.

Our Philosophy: "Any day spent building a model is better than a day spent at work." - - - Bill Wolfe

"There are only two precious memories I have of New Orleans: the house I grew up in and Hub Hobby." - - - Jim Letten

"Wherever I wind up, I'll always judge any hobby shop to the one I grew up with." - - - Paolo Profumo

"You've been a part of my life for over half of my life. I'll follow you wherever you go." - - - Bill Schadwell

"Even though I'm now in Los Angeles, after eight years in New Orleans, I've learned that there is only one hobby shop: Hub - - the rest are just places with some stuff in them." - - Alan Greenstadt

"I love this place. It's like a big candy store!" - - guy in big red truck

"Ariel's Morning" composed and recorded by New Orleans musician Rick Marcell

Here's where you can find the "Ariel's Morning" ( http://youtu.be/OXy9yXaH3gs ) video

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New For the Week Ending May 30, 2015

Hobby Hint flies a Starfighter: "The decals were exceptional and there was a lot of them. Made by Cartograph, the clarity is such that you can read even the smallest print." - - Jack Hollander

Press Release has info from Dragon - - Emhar - - Redbox figures - - hat - - Estes model rockets and more

This week's Archive Flashback is Day at the Beach: "I've the US guys surrounding the Iraqis and their T-55 in a dug out berm, which is a base made by Custom Dioramics." - - Mike Goodwin

This week's You Tube Video is Building a River - part of a multi part series that will continue automatically until stopped

"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprang up." - - Oliver Wendell Holmes

New For the Week Ending May 23, 2015

Press Releases has info from Kalmbach Publications - - Czech Master - - Polar Lights - - Lindberg - - Zvezda - - Dragon Models - - Squadron Signal Publications and more

Reviews takes a look at Vallejo's Airbrush Flow Improver: "I airbrushed at 15psi for at least a minute without any tip dry. It worked as advertised." - - Brian Cavet

Events has info about the North Shore plastic model contest in September

Check out what's come in this week - -

This week's Archive Flashback is Odd Ball's Sherman: "The hull is from the DML M4A3 and the turret and headlight comes Tamiya's M4A3." - - Gil Gonsoulin

"Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and dong things as they ought to be done." - - Stowe

New For the Week Ending May 16, 2015

Hobby Hints looks at "The Streetcars of New Orleans" with an interview with author Earl Hampton: "Earl Hampton fell in love with the New Orleans streetcars at an early age. From riding them all over town as a youngster to photographing them and recording their history, he compiled a massive amount of what was to become historical documentation of a transit system which has had ups and downs since the mid-60s. Chronicling the wide swings in popularity of this light-rail system - from its near demise to its vibrant comeback - has been his passion." - - Jeff Junker

Press Release has info from Verlinden - - Osprey Publications - - Revell Germany - - Herpa - - and more

This week's Archive Flashback is the Hedgerows: "The battle being modeled took place in the hedgerows. I used the Tamiya 1/35 Stug," - - Lane Lorre

This week's You Tube Video is Weathering Wash (Pin Wash) : Panel Lines, Streaking and Fading

"Getting an idea should be like sitting down on a pin; it should make you jump up and do something." - - E.L. Simpson

Hobby Hints gives some practical ideas on how to accomplish different aspects of modeling. Sections include School Projects, Materials & Bonding, Painting, Radio Control Airplanes, Scenery, Trains, and Weathering & Detailing - 05/30/15

Press Releases are "ads" and information that manufacturers send us which we thought would be of interest - -05/30/15

Reviews gives our opinions on kits and products. Sections include Books, Games, Model Accessories, Plastic Models, and Trains - -05/23/15

Links A rather eclectic collection, heavy on museums, natural history, You Tube videos, and historical sites- - -05/30/15

Recent Arrivals: A Listing as to what's come in during the week, usually updated weekly. - -05/23/15

Product Line: A listing of the type of things we stock. (New pictures of inside of shop uploaded September, 2014) - - 09/20/14

Events: Listing of clubs and happenings - - 05/23/15

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