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Our motto: You can never have too many unbuilt kits in your closet.

Our Philosophy: "Any day spent building a model is better than a day spent at work." - - - Bill Wolfe

"There are only two precious memories I have of New Orleans: the house I grew up in and Hub Hobby." - - - Jim Letten

"Wherever I wind up, I'll always judge any hobby shop to the one I grew up with." - - - Paolo Profumo

"You've been a part of my life for over half of my life. I'll follow you wherever you go." - - - Bill Schadwell

"Even though I'm now in Los Angeles, after eight years in New Orleans, I've learned that there is only one hobby shop: Hub - - the rest are just places with some stuff in them." - - Alan Greenstadt

"I love this place. It's like a big candy store!" - - guy in big red truck

"Ariel's Morning" composed and recorded by New Orleans musician Rick Marcell

Here's where you can find the "Ariel's Morning" ( http://youtu.be/OXy9yXaH3gs ) video

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New For the Week Ending July 4, 2015

Hobby Hints risks going back to Bizarro Land in " . . There Still Be Pirates": "The original kit has a crane on the bow, so I made the gun mount to look like the normal crane. That way the pirates can sneak up on their prey." - - Gil Gonsoulin

Press Releases has info from Zvezda - - Eduard - - AFV Club - - Kalmbach - - Estes model rockets - - and more

Facebook Exclusive: We go Behind the Scenes and Interview Lloyd Landry, who modifies Action figures - - "What can you do when the things you want to collect can't be found? Lloyd Landry solved this dilemma by making them himself. His interest, like so many others in our area, is the New Orleans Saints. For him, it is Action Figures for which there is a lack of Saints players available. For the last five years, he's been converting existing Action Figures into Saints."

Check out what's come in this week - -

This week's Archive Flashback is Aerosan Diorama: "Before attaching it, I put the disc in a lathe and tapered it to the shape of a prop. While still spinning, I airbrushed the yellow tips. To give the effect of motion, I airbrushed fine brown lines on it (also while still spinning in the lathe)." - - Bob Caruso

This week You Tube Video is Winter Diorama, with a Tiger tank, Smashed and Frozen water and a tree. "Even though it is freezing and there is snow, none of the detail is lost, but made better. If you watch the films at the end of the production you will see the most fantastic sparkle and shine which is perfectly in scale."

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." - - Napoleon Bonaparte

New For the Week Ending June 27, 2015

Hobby Hints takes a trip to Midway: "The pilot dropped his torpedo at a ship to try to lose weight. He used the trim tabs to level off and was able to crash land on the beach at Midway Island, when the right landing gear collapsed." - - Mike Rieth

Press Releases has info from Accurail - - Tamiya - - - Meng - - - Testors paint - - and more

Events has info on the local Model Railroad club's July 4th celebration

This week's Archive Flashback is LVT-4: "The paint scheme was taken from a picture in Armor Magazine from Spain. The model represents an LVT on Iwo Jima." - - Richard Reggio

This Week's You Tube Video is How to Make a Small Diorama Base - -

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - - Aldous Huxley

New For the Week Ending June 20, 2015

Hobby Hints tells the Tale of Two Tigers: Taking a second look at this model, I decided to start again. This time I wouldn't be restricted by the rules of an 'out of the box' category. Not that I planned to make any wholesale changes

Press Releases has info from Airfix - - Dragon Models - - Osprey Publications - - AK Interactive - - and more

This week's Archive Flashback is Welcome to Dodge City: "In the sector we defended the sign read, "Welcome to Dodge City - Your Safety is Ensured by the U.S.M.C.". In the diorama, the sign appears to the left - an ever present reminder that in the face of terrible fear and horror, humor is always present to break the tension and provide comic relief." - - Sal Provensano

This week's You Tube Video is Using Spray Cans: "One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how are my kits painted. Or some people assume I use an airbrush on my kits. Airbrushing can be either too intimidating for some; be inconvenient because of space or other reasons. Spray cans are for me more convenient to use. You don't need to use a airbrush to achieve nice results on your kits. So I thought I'd do a quick how I get good results from spray paints."

"Everything is funny as long as it's happening to someone else." - - Will Rogers

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