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Our motto: You can never have too many unbuilt kits in your closet.

Our Philosophy: "Any day spent building a model is better than a day spent at work." - - - Bill Wolfe

"There are only two precious memories I have of New Orleans: the house I grew up in and Hub Hobby." - - - Jim Letten

"Wherever I wind up, I'll always judge any hobby shop to the one I grew up with." - - - Paolo Profumo

"You've been a part of my life for over half of my life. I'll follow you wherever you go." - - - Bill Schadwell

"Even though I'm now in Los Angeles, after eight years in New Orleans, I've learned that there is only one hobby shop: Hub - - the rest are just places with some stuff in them." - - Alan Greenstadt

"I love this place. It's like a big candy store!" - - guy in big red truck

"Ariel's Morning" composed and recorded by New Orleans musician Rick Marcell

Here's where you can find the "Ariel's Morning" ( http://youtu.be/OXy9yXaH3gs ) video

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New For the Week Ending July 25, 2015

Hobby Hints converts an Avenger: "This is an article on how I converted an Accurate Miniatures/Italeri 1/48th scale TBF-1C to an early TRF-1 Avenger" - - Mike Rieth

Press Release has info from AMT - - - 4M Educational kits - - Chooch - - Woodland Scenics - - - Osprey Publications - - Tamiya - - - and more

Events has info on the Northshore model club's contest in September

Check out what's come in this week - -

This week's Archive Flashback is Spitfire: "He was an American pilot who was the highest scoring Ace in the RAF until he was killed in Africa in 1943." - - Scott Scalfani

This Week's You Tube video is A complete guide to adding flock, static grass, clump foliage, lichen and tall grass to your scenery project: "In this Back to Basics video, I cover all the basic types of foliage you can use to make your wargames scenery more realistic. I work through applying and sealing flock, adding static grass by hand and with a static grass applicator, adding clump foliage, lichen and even tall grass."

"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do." - - Andrew Carnegie

New For the Week Ending July 18, 2015

Hobby Hints goes to Pearl Harbor in Kenneth Taylor's P40: "This time around I took my time to address all of the kit's main flaws: Landing gear/Bay, Prop, Intakes, Flaps, and a proper windscreen/canopy. I also went ahead and fixed the .30 MGs, landing light, and addressed the rudder and elevators as before." - - Britt Vallot

Press Releases has info from Dragon Models - - Trumpeter - - Osprey Publicatinos - - Tamiya - - and more

This week's Archive Flashback is T55: "I based coated it with Russian Army Green, following up with Vallejo Iraqi Sand." - - Mike Goodwin

This week's You Tube video is Create Water with Realistic Waves: MR managing editor David Popp shows you a simple, proven technique for adding realistic waves to poured resin model water. David uses Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create his waves. The river is on the Model Railroader HO scale club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy, but David's method would work on N, O, S, or even Z scale layouts as well.

"Control your own destiny or someone else will." - - Jack Welc

New For the Week Ending July 11, 2015

Hobby Hints walks around the Revell B-52: "The kit is from an old mold and shows some signs of its age. There were some fit problems with fuselage and I had to use putty on the seams." - - Jim Clynes

Press Releases has info from Presier - - Kagero books - - Cal Scale - - Italeri - - and more

This week's Archive Flashback is No Checks!: "The original concept for this diorama was a scrap yard for damaged space craft. Then Pegasus released the Short Range Saucer kit with an alien and the whole dynamics of the idea shifted." - - Gil Gonsoulin

This week's You Tube Video is Making a Ruined City Building From Nothing: "This is a practice session where I make a city ruined building from just pieces of wood and plaster. It turned out good. Enjoy."

"You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog." - - Harry Truman

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