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Russian Model Railroad (about 20 minutes): It contains detailed replicas of many of Russia's signature buildings and is home to hundreds of thousands of tiny plastic residents from all walks of life. What started as one man's hobby became not only a model railway of Russia, but an 800 square meter model of the country itself.

This Week's Build

A scratch-built Me 262: "This is a scratch built 1/16 scale Me 262 - a variation on the old-style stick and tissue model." - - Joe Weathers

The North Shore Modelers present

Autumn CON 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

American Legion Hall

2031 Ronald Regan Hwy

Covington LA

For further info, contact Andy at

Tuesday, September 2

(4:10 pm) AMT has announced the release of the following kits:

1/25 Plastic Kits and Accessories

PP9 Ford Model T Racing Body Car Parts Pack (Includes T body shell, turtle deck, cockpit tarp, instrument panel, steering box, bucket seat, radiator shell, parachute pack and more! Modeler provides their own choice of frame, motor and suspension for a unique build every time!) 16.95

PP11 GM Engine Parts Pack: Chevy 283 & Pontiac 421 (Includes chrome-plated parts to build two complete engines.) 16.95

880 Lowboy Trailer (Re-Issue) (Includes vinyl tires, transformer load, chrome-plated parts & decals.) 41.95

(1:13 pm) Received a shipment of 1/35 Tamiya armor, including US and German stuff

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