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You Tube Video :

Our You Tube video selection of the week is Cleaning an Airbrush -

Archive Flashback:

Our Archive Flashback selection of the week is Catch a Fallen Flag by Patrick Harris (a photo-essay on rail photography.)

This Week's Build:

A diorama entitled "Do You See Anything Yet?" By Gil Gonsoulin

Friday, September 19

(3:23 pm) This week's update to the website has just been uploaded

Hobby Hints Returns to Bizarro Land in the diorama "Do You See Anything Yet?": "This 1/35 scale diorama consist of Industria Mechanika's Pawn Brigade and Tamiya's Velociraptors" - - Gil Gonsoulin

Press Releases has info from Squadron Publications - - Woodland Scenics - - Moebius - - - Osprey Publications - - ACE - - AMT/MPC - - A Model of Russia - - Polar Lights - - Presier - - Fujimi - - Dragon - - and more

This week's You Tube Video is Cleaning an Airbrush - How to thoroughly clean a Double action Airbrush after use with Enamel paints, (Acrylic and lacquer, (cellulose), paint procedure cleaning is exactly the same but using the relevant thinners, IPA, Cellulose etc

This week's Archive Flashback is Catch a Fallen Flag: "The primary philosophy behind what I choose to shoot comes down to two prongs of the fork: I shoot what interests me, and I shoot what is rare or unusual. I would suggest to any rail photographer that the first trick to successfully recording rail history, is to shoot as much as you can reasonably afford, and shoot as often as possible." - - Patrick Harris

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